Helping Internationally
Trained Professionals
Improve Their English Skills

Are you an internationally trained professional
who needs to transfer your skills into English?


Is it a challenge to understand and feel
comfortable in the Canadian workplace?

You – or your employees – may struggle with the following problems:


Being Understood

Co-workers don’t understand my English, so I avoid breaks with them and feel that I’m missing out.

Fitting into the Workplace

I don’t understand the workplace culture here.  Am I making mistakes?


Feeling Uncomfortable

I’m uncomfortable about my English when we have discussions, so I don’t say anything.  I want to participate more.

Presenting to Groups

I’m worried about my presentations.  Will everyone understand me?

My specialty is working with internationally trained professionals who are now employed in Canada.  I help them to improve their English pronunciation and language skills so that they will become more confident and productive at work.

You have the technical ‘hard skills’; Now it’s time to work on your communication and ‘soft skills’.

Work with me to:

  • improve your English pronunciation, language and conversation skills;
  • learn more about Canada and its workplace culture; and
  • build your confidence so that you can work and socialize more successfully in English.

hard skills = a degree or diploma, knowledge of particular software or experience in a particular industry sector

soft skills = self-management skills such as self-confidence and stress-management, and people skills such as communication, networking and team-building

One-on-One or Small-Group Tutorials

Personalized Individual Sessions

  • Tutorials will be designed for your specific needs
  • Flexible options for scheduling sessions
  • Meet in Metro Vancouver, on the Sunshine Coast or on Skype
  • Your investment includes planning and sessions
  • Online Paypal and other payment options

Corporate or Group Sessions

  • One-on-one or small-group tutorials will be designed to meet the needs of your business
  • Value pricing for multiple sessions
  • Meet at your workplace in Metro Vancouver or on the Sunshine Coast
  • Packages include travel, planning and sessions
  • Optional individual training and assessments

Wendy Morris, TESOL Instructor and Tutor

As an experienced ESL instructor with a special interest in English pronunciation, I like to work with internationally trained professionals as they meet the challenges of their new employment in Canada.  Through our discussions of your profession and employment, you will also learn about Canada’s history, politics and lifestyle.  You will increase your knowledge of Canada, enlarge your vocabulary, improve your English grammar and pronunciation, and build your confidence in speaking English.


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